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Jack West

Junior Associate

Jack West joins Clyde Group as a Junior Associate using his expertise in research to assist in media relations and public affairs support across a variety of topics and areas.

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Prior to joining Clyde Group, Jack worked in the San Francisco Bay Area at Colangelo & Partners Public Relations in the wine and spirits industry, specializing in content creation and media relations. While his political experience includes working as a Fellow for the Indiana Democratic Party in the Fall of 2018, campaigning on behalf of all Democrats in the state of Indiana for both the Federal and State government.


He currently attends Indiana University, studying Political Science and Spanish, while recently he finished a semester abroad in Madrid studying Spanish and Spanish Politics. During his time in Spain, he worked under Professor Jamie Ferri Dura at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, assisting in research preparation of various topics including the Israel-Palestine Conflict, the Political Crisis in Venezuela and the Catalonian Independence Movement.

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