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Clyde Group has promoted a landmark medical and science initiative, spearheaded the creation of America's largest patient coalition and worked for leading organizations promoting disease and addiction prevention.

National Institutes of Health, All of Us Research Program

The National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program was created to advance a new era of medicine that delivers the right medical treatment for the right patient at the right time. Clyde Group was tasked with raising awareness of the program across the nation to help achieve the program’s goal of recruiting one million individual participants.

Working in close collaboration with NIH and its partners, Clyde Group developed a plan to recruit more than 100 organizations to support this national outreach effort, engaging with diverse groups of stakeholders, including media, healthcare providers and community groups, and minority and faith-based organizations.

Clyde Group developed messages tailored to the specific needs of each organization, and delivered them across various technology platforms, including the enrollment sites and the in-app messaging.  Mobile units were deployed to help reach diverse populations, with Clyde Group conducting multiple social media training sessions to help these community organizations reach out to their members and stakeholders.

The All of Us Research Program launched in May 2018, with NIH positioned to reach the diverse communities it needs to ensure the long-term success of the program.

Partners for Better Care


Seeking to insert the voice of the patient into conversations on key health reform issues, patient advocacy and industry groups formed Partners for Better Care, a coalition of 18 organizations representing more than 100 million Americans living with chronic conditions and disabilities.

Clyde Group was charged with building support and raising awareness of the coalition’s mission to make healthcare more accessible, transparent and affordable.

The agency launched a campaign to engage federal and state policymakers by telling the story of a patient’s firsthand experience navigating the healthcare system. Clyde Group was also instrumental in guiding the messaging for and promotion of the coalition’s Patient Charter with a strategic campaign that garnered support through calculated bipartisan outreach, effectively elevating the charter to a national level. In doing so, Clyde Group positioned the coalition as a resource for policymakers and patients in advocating for health reform. From statement development and grassroots advocacy to social media strategy and speaking opportunities, Clyde Group’s efforts built lasting relationships with reporters at national and trade outlets, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, POLITICO and Modern Healthcare.

Clyde Group was also instrumental in conducting patient-centered focus group research on medical bill design that ultimately informed the winners of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 2016 “A Bill You Can Understand Challenge.”




When seeking to raise public awareness about the issues contributing to the growing diabetes epidemic in the U.S., the diaTribe Foundation turned to Clyde Group to help shift the focus of the conversation and insert the patient’s voice into the dialogue.

Using thought leadership to elevate the profile of diaTribe founder Kelly Close, Clyde Group generated content that highlighted the oft-overlooked components of the disease, including its disproportionate impact on low-socioeconomic and minority groups. Clyde Group leveraged earned and social media and panel opportunities at major events like SXSW to build awareness for the issues raised by diaTribe among federal health officials.

Clyde Group’s strategic campaign ultimately improved the visibility of the foundation’s mission and enhanced media literacy around the challenges faced by diabetes patients, generating nearly 240 million earned media impressions in a single year.



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