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Clyde Group @ SXSW

SXSW 2019 did not disappoint!

From Alex Slater, our Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, moderating two exciting panels, to supporting a session hosted by our client, the ESA Foundation, to organizing an event in support of Open for Business and attending multiple SXSW official activities and events hosted by the EU, we were engaged and busy from start to finish.

Explore the content below and check out #ClydeSXSW for more on our time in Austin.

And read Alex's recap on the rise of politics at SXSW here.

See you in 2020, SXSW!

Tech + Populism at a Crossroads: A New Era?

The balkanization and proliferation of information and political views is driven by constant innovation and evolution of digital communications and technology platforms, including social media. With populism at a crossroads, how will technology disrupt the coming years of political dialogue, and how should policymakers respond?

Panelists included:


Clyde Group’s Geoff Vetter, our Director of Public Affairs, examines the panel discussion and the impending regulatory risks for big tech.

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Can Business Defend LGBTI Rights Under Fire?

Business and government, respectively, have played leading roles in advancing LGBTI rights at different times and in different countries. Today, government is dropping the ball. Can the private sector pick it up again, and lead in the human rights space? Are global businesses up to it? How can technology drive and empower their progress and what are the biggest pitfalls for both democracy and the private sector?

Panelists included:


Alex Slater, Clyde Group’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, walks us through some of the ideas and topics debated in the panel discussion, including the concept of ‘pinkwashing.’

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Clyde Group supported the launch of Open For Business’ newest report: Channels of Influence: How can business promote LGBT+ inclusive societies?

At this hands-on event hosted by WeWork and sponsored by Deutsche Bank, Open For Business explored how companies can help advance LGBT+ rights globally. The report, building on the UN Standards of Conduct for Business, broadens the range of options and strategies that companies can employ to act in the public sphere in a variety of countries to advance LGBT+ inclusivity.

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ESA Foundation

Clyde Group supported our client, the ESA Foundation, at SXSW 2019. Their official panel focused on the diversity of gamers globally and how we can make sure that diversity is represented in the workplace.

Gamers are diverse: 45% are women, and African American and Latinx gamers play at higher rates than Caucasians. And, while the development pipeline of students who are in university video game design programs is becoming more diverse, the video games industry has an opportunity currently to open its doors even wider. This panel discussed the challenges in creating a more balanced workforce and development team. Panelists included:


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